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Welcome to
Mista Oh!

어서오세요. (uh-seo-oh-se-yo) means welcome with

hospitality in Korean. You will hear this warm and inviting

phrase every time you visit a restaurant.
Mista Oh is about father and son working diligently in the

kitchen and cooking authentic tasty Korean foods. Mista Oh

and family bring excellent culinary joy and deliver intimate

dining experiences.


I can write this with confidence and guarantee because

I’ve known Mista Oh and seen their passion for cooking and compassion for serving good food for my entire life.

I know what, how, and why my father and brother cook.

A Dining Destination

From Korean braised short ribs (galbi-jjim) to bibimbap (hot stone rice bowl with assorted vegetables) and sun-dobu (soft tofu stew), I hope every customer we serve enjoys the food and dining experience as much as I do.

We open in the middle of the pandemic. Your health and our family’s health is the most important concern for us.

어서오세요 (uh-seo-oh-se-yo).


We are Mista Oh and we are here to cook tasty and healthy Korean foods.

Thank you for supporting our restaurant.

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